Looking for great fitting, extremely durable and handsome leather holsters and gun belts for your Single Action revolvers?
You have come to the right place.

At Circle KB Holsters we take pride in making the highest quality western style holsters and hunting belts, shoulder holsters and rifle slings built to your specifications and desires - totally custom. For over 20 years, Brett's benchmade-to-order western holsters have risen in popularity and demand among Collectors, Hunters and Guides, Cowboy Action Shooting sport enthusiasts, Single Action Shooting Society (tm) SASS members and working cowboys and ranchers worldwide. When you place an order with Circle KB you can expect high quality craftsmanship, high quality materials and high quality customer service. It is our everyday mission. If you do not see the style of finish you are looking for please give us a call. Brett makes truly one-of-a-kinds based on your requests and is available to answer your questions and offer consultation.

We guarantee your satisfaction 100%

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At your service worldwide since 1999
Proudly made just for you. Montana, USA



A1 Quickdraw ECHO Western Holsters

The A1 QuickDraw Echo is a handsome Hollywood style Double rig, featuring an ultra wide 3-1/2" Buscadero gunbelt with th..



A1 Bounty Hunter Western Holster

The A1 Bounty Hunter western holster is hand made to fit you and your guns. It is a  beautiful western style gun be..


Big Game Hunter Holster


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M1911 Leather Western Holster


humble bundle 挂梯子的问题 - 购物问题 - 其乐 Keylol - 驱动 ...:2021-6-12 · 我刚刚在humble bundle上想买一个慈善包,我以前都是用的一个美国梯子,这几天不上hundle bundle所以改成了香港的梯子,上网页快一些。在我刚刚要买包的时候发现显示“此包不在您所在地区提供”,所以我换了一个美国梯子,但不是我以前那个。然后像往常一样用支付宝付款,但是试了两次都 …


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